About Us


Born in 2000 under the name Revelation Skateboards, the dream of a young lad from New Jersey, quickly gained a local following and gained traction west. Produced in one wood shop, made in the USA, the wood had the same quality throughout its existence. Working with local artists to keep the love in Jersey and pushed to open a core skateboard shop in a neglected area that looked down on skateboarding.

Resurrected in late 2006 as Zucca Skateboards, we set out to pick up where we left off by bringing the weird, creepy love back to the skateboard industry. After creating another large following on the east, the wonderful recession showed its ugly head causing many of our dealers to close their doors for good. We refused to give in.

Zucca Skateboards are manufactured in the USA with 100% North American Hard Rock Maple!